We encourage the use of our print to bind services; however there are some exceptions to this. Perhaps you prefer to use your own lab because you like a certain look in the color and density or you just prefer to inspect the prints before sending it to the bindery for binding. In this case, we are happy to provide you our Simply Bind service.
Send us your prints with your specifications and our binding artisans will hand-bind your book so it lasts a lifetime. Within three weeks of receiving your prints, your album will be shipped. 
Note: Most of the problems that occur with sending prints involve poor packaging and shipping damage. It is important that you review the information below regarding proper packaging of your prints.
  • DO NOT use paper clips, staples or rubber bands anywhere in your packaging.


  • You MUST enclose an order form, a storyboard and a CD of your image files. AZURA will not be responsible for orders mounted incorrectly due to hand written numbering of your prints.  A storyboard is a good visual of your pages sequence. If for some reason you cannot create a storyboard, we can use your CD of your image files to create one.


  • Finished prints should be placed in a plastic bag similar to the one from your lab, wrapped tightly and taped shut. This will prevent your prints from being damage should the shipping box exposed to moisture.


  • Tape plastic bag of prints and storyboard between onto a sheet of card board to prevent movement and then place another sheet of card board on top and tape it down on ALL four sides.


  • Make sure your CD is labeled with your studio name and order reference number. Put the CD of image files on top of the cardboard and tape in place.


  • Place entire print package in a slightly over-sized, hard sided box with additional packaging materials to protect your  prints or use the packaging that you received from your lab; proving that it’s in good condition.


  • DO NOT send prints in a tube or envelope. Prints received this way will be returned to you unopened.