This sleek, magazine-like book with all flexible panorama prints is the choice for those who want a fresh, fun look—without losing an elegant feel. The pages are very thin and flexible, yet remain extremely durable. This style book is excellent for large landscape designs. 

General Info
• Sizes from 8x8 to 12x18
• First page starts either on the left side or right
• Choice of Square, Portrait or Landscape
• Minimum of 10 leaves/20 sides and a maximum of 50 leaves/100 sides
• Creased Print Styling (full panorama)
• All prints are coated with the exception of Metallic Prints
• Samples Available
• Over 40 fabulous cover material options
• 2tones accents
• Metal Cover
• Acrylic Covers
• Full Canvas Wrap Covers
• Half Canvas Covers
• Imprinting Options (black, gold, silver or blind embossed
• Custom Studio Dies available
Digital File Preparation:
Azura DOES NOT color correct customer files. All file preparation is the sole responsibility of the customer. Click here to download our file preparation guide.



Paramount Collection

Masterpiece Collection

Safari Chic Accents