Azura Albums, LLC was established in 2007. A family owned and operated business with almost 20 years' experience in the photographic industry.


Azura makes a point to keep up with industry trends and changes which impact the professional photographer. We strive to provide you with the newest and latest products at a reasonable price. When you work with AZURA, you know that you are not just a number in a computer.  Rather, when you call to check on an order, we know who you are and the ins-and-outs of your individual orders.  That means that we can—and do—answer your questions with courteous and friendly service.  This focus on you also translates into bending over backwards to give you what you need.  So, if you have tight time constraints, we will meet your deadlines.  It is part of our mission statement to think of our customers as our friends and our business has grown based on this principle.    We realize as a photographer and business owner, you have your hands full managing every aspect of your business, and you certainly don’t need to add “design, print and bind or printing and binding” to the list.  This is where we can handle this process for you—always doing our best to make the process painless for you.


 Lasting Impressions
When you present your clients with an AZURA album, you are showcasing your work—and their memories—in a beautiful heirloom quality book. With one look, it is immediately clear that the AZURA book is defined by style and endless elegance. We only use top quality materials, so our books continue to impress beyond this year and the next. Our albums last a lifetime.


 Endless Options
If you have a kernel of an idea or an entire visual concept that you would like incorporated in your books, with us you have the freedom to do it. That’s because there is very little that we can’t do for you as far as album creation.  In addition to our in-house options, we can incorporate any fabrics that you find or bring us. Or, if you want a combination of embossing and cutouts, we have the tools to do that. In fact, when you work with us, your only limitation is how far you allow your imagination to go


 Heirloom Quality
Our handmade books are made by artisans trained in all of the industry’s best practices. Our print source delivers high quality prints with accurate colors on Fuji professional paper. This means that your clients can look at and enjoy their albums—without worrying about fading or finger prints, let alone about them falling apart. So what you end up with is the highest-quality book available, which will last a lifetime.

Perfection Is An Attitude!
You can rest assured that every product we deliver will meet your exact criteria—accurately and on time.