This fresh modern looking book is square-backed, with a contemporary spine and very narrow seams—making it perfect for display on the coffee table.  The Bel Air is our top seller and all you have to do is hold one to understand why. Below are the specifications of what is included in this book.


General Info
  • Sizes from 8x8 to 12x18
  • Over 20 fabulous leather cover material options
  • Choice of Square, Portrait or Landscape
  • Minimum of 10 leaves/20 sides and a maximum of 35 leaves/70 sides
  • First page starts on left and ends on right
  • Creased Print (full panorama)
  • Imprinting available
  • Samples are available
  • Acrylic Covers
  • Half Canvas Covers
  • Imprinting colors: Black, Gold, Silver or Blind Embossed
  • Studio Imprinting available
  • Custom Studio dies available