If you’re a designer or work with one on a regular basis, we’d be happy to print and bind your album for you. Simply send us your layout via FTP, or send us a CD of your high-resolution JPG images with your exact specifications. And our binding artisans will hand-bind your book so it lasts a lifetime. Within three weeks of placing your order, the book will be shipped to your studio—ready to be passed on to your thrilled client, or ready to be an exceptional studio sample of your work!



AZURA albums/books can be designed in any software or template program you are most comfortable using as long as you can output the completed design file as a high resolution JPEG.


  • Each page or spread in your album should be a separate file. We recommend you always design and print as spreads even when you are ordering a cut print album. Printing as a spread, we are assured the two sides will be a perfect match when assembled.


  • Files should be sized for the album and need to be EXACT. For example, a 10x10 inch album would be designed as a 10x20 inch spread; the center guide needs to be dead on center. The first and last page for right start albums would be individual 10x10 inch images. Undersized or oversized files will result in album where the centers do not line up. The whole album will be trimmed to the smallest print size.


  • Designs should be set to have a 1/2 inch safety margin around the outside edges. All albums are trim to finished, usually only a small amount. Because print sizes do vary, we suggest you make sure that no type, faces or critical features fall within the 1/2 inch safety margin. This does not mean you can't have an image full bleed or color outside the lines as long as that's what you intended.


  • All files need to be sRGB at 300 DPI. Please follow a standard numbering convention (i.e., 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.). All image files should be color corrected and ready for printing.


  • Books over 11x14 or with a capacity exceeding 25 inserts/50 sides will look better when built as a South Beach Magazine Book with thin pages. The books are easier to handle and look better in the larger sizes and capacities with less stress on the spine. We can make the South Beach magazine style with up to 50leaves/100 sides.


  • When your design is complete and ready to be uploaded, be sure to include ALL files including any images that we be needed for cover designs with your order at the same time.


  • We strongly recommend you supply a storyboard with your design.